Welcome! I'm Mac. I'm an entrepreneur, family slomad, multipotentialite, and slow thinker.

I call this place you've found yourself in my digital garden, or commonplace book.

It's the place where I explore ideas, and share what I learn, as I'm learning it, with a focus on the timeless. It's my attempt to shine a light in the direction of balance and harmony in the interplay between time and money, contentment and achievement, fulfillment and desire, present and future.

All those little things that humans thrive on and struggle with daily - how we should live, how to get the most of out life, and how to maintain that child-like awe of this universe we find ourselves in.

Come back often, the door is always open. And please reach out and introduce yourself, I love meeting new interesting people:

Email: mac@macmartine.com / Twitter: @saasmakermac