Mac Martine

From: Portland, Oregon
Currently nomading in: Zagreb, Croatia

As a software developer and entrepreneur, I’ve spent the last 18 years constantly experimenting with ideas, trying to crack the code to making a living building products. More of them have failed than I care to admit, while one is worthy of calling a success. I seem to have arrived, at least for now. Probability at work.

My wife and two boys and I call Portland, Oregon home. However, the adventurous side of us has won over, and we are currently living in Zagreb, Croatia for the year. From here, we're travelling Europe and beyond, every school break and many weekends.

Along the way I’m endlessly exploring anything which may:

Help me on my endless path to living a simple, yet deeply fulfilling life without regrets.

Satisfy my curiosity about the unfathomable complexity, mysteriousness, and beauty of this universe we find ourselves in.

And that's what The Curious Innovator newsletter, and the writings on this site, are about.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and please introduce yourself:

Email: / Twitter: @saasmakermac